Vortex Sprayliner

What is Vortex Sprayliner?

VORTEX Sprayliners leads the industry in developing the very best spray liner material .  The Vortex Liner is a blend of Polyurethane and Polyurea materials in a one to one mix. It is a two component, solvent free, and 100% solids product backed with over 50 years of coating technology. This ratio delivers a very hard liner to protect the surface, but is flexible enough so that is both stain and impact resistant.

How is Vortex Sprayliner applied?

liner material from an 1/8″ to 18″ thick and have it set up in seconds. Not minutes or hours. The process is simple and the Vortex™ spray system was developed with ease of operation as well.

  Clean and prep the truck.
  Mask truck to seal off areas you don’t want Vortexed™.
  Apply the Vortex™ liner material with the Vortex™ spray system.
  Remove masking and put tailgate back together.

The end result is the best portable sprayed on bed liner in the world, which is Tough, High Impact absorbing and can be guaranteed for the life of the truck.
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